Sen. Chris Murphy (D) Leaves Us With an Incredible Shot and Chaser After He Responds to Soleimani's Death

The country received excellent news last night in the form of the death of Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani. The world is a little bit safer today because that maniac is gone, unable to continue to propagate war and terrorism in the Middle East, something he had been doing for decades.


There are going to be plenty of ridiculous takes to dissect going forward, but I wanted to single out Sen. Chris Murphy because the shot and chaser he provided is simply incredible.

In the wake of the Iranian attack on our U.S. Embassy in Iraq, Murphy took to Twitter to slap at Trump, proclaiming that no one fears us and that we’ve been reduced to huddling in safe rooms. He said this while the attack was going on, apparently unwilling to wait for what would eventually be a successful outcome, with no American being harmed.

You could practically feel him rooting for casualties, as many liberal politicians and talking heads seemed to be doing. They desperately wanted the attack to go south so they could pin it on Trump and proclaim it his Benghazi. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the people whose lives were at risk, the President acted decisively. The show of force drove the militias back and the area is currently secured.

What Iran did was simply too much to let slide and the U.S. started to systematically dismantle the Iranian militia setup in Baghdad, which has caused so much trouble, including murdering Iraqi protestors just last month. One of those killed was Soleimani, someone who Barack Obama let run rough shod over the Middle East while he appeased the Mullahs.


This was Murphy’s response to the massive victory for humanity.

What absolute garbage. Just two days ago this guy was prattling about how impotent the U.S. is, basically repeating Iranian propaganda in the process. Now, he’s crying because the most dangerous terrorist in the world was finally taken out. There will be no regional war because Iran knows they have nothing to give but proxy militias and rhetoric. Trump is under no reason obligation to engage is a massive ground war, even if Iran wants one.

On the merits of Congressional authorization, Murphy is dead wrong as well. The IRCG is a designated terrorist organization. Soleimani was not “assassinated,” he was killed legally like the rabid dog that he was. The President does not need Murphy’s permission to drone terrorists, something that Obama made a sport of without a hint of complaint from Democrats at the time.

Worse is that Murphy continues to play into Iran’s hands by spouting trash like this. I realize that the Obama administration made coddling the Iranians a national pastime for the left, but at some point, this has to stop. It’s not acceptable for elected officials to parrot our enemies’ talking points while working against the goals of the United States.


Murphy needs to make up his mind already. Are we weak and cowering? Or are we too powerful, looking to start a regional war? The truth is, what Trump did is what any president should have done. We could not sit idly by while Iran continues to escalate matters. They’ve been carrying out attacks and provoking a response for years. It was about dang time that someone had the fortitude to do something about it.



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