Trump Posts Eye-Popping Fundraising Total for Q4

President Donald Trump gestures towards members on the media on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, after returning from United Nations General Assembly. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


In case you were wondering how impeachment was working out for President Trump, the answer is that it’s filling his campaign coffers.

The 4th quarter numbers are in and they are eye-popping. The Trump campaign took in $46 million dollars and now has $102.7 million on hand.

Trump’s campaign manager called the haul proof that the President is an “unstoppable juggernaut.”

Keep in mind that these totals don’t include the money raised by the RNC or other joint fundraising efforts. It certainly appears that Trump will have more than enough money to build whatever ground game he wants for 2020. That can only help his chances, as high turnout in key areas like the mid-west and among blue-collar workers forms the basis of his re-election strategy. With the ability to spend whatever it takes to target voters and get them to the polls, the President’s campaign has a leg up early on in this election season.


Such campaign machinery can also help the down-ballot races, and that’s going to be a big part of 2020. Retaking the House would save a newly re-elected Trump a lot of headaches, as the Democrats will no doubt try to impeach him again for whatever they can dream up.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders also took in a massive haul, with $35 million for the 4th quarter. The problem for Democrats is that Sanders isn’t going to be the nominee and his fans are rabid and fickle. Many of the small donors he’s garnering will close their wallets for Joe Biden. You’ll likely also see some stay home like they did in 2016 out of spite. In a way, Sanders’ success is probably going to hurt the Democrat’s chances in the long run.

One thing is for sure. The President, if he plays his cards right, is set up to have a really good shot at winning the 2020 election. He’s got the economy booming and more than enough money in the bank. He just has to avoid any major errors.



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