Joe Biden to Miners: Learn to Code

I knew Joe Biden was a walking gaffe machine, but come on, no one should be this tone-deaf.

Joe Biden was in Derry, NH, campaigning and held an event in which he addressed several issues. At one point, he indicated that he might pick a GOP running mate, which is, of course, nonsensical pandering to soft Trump voters. But then things got really weird when he starting talking about coal miners.


To say that his handlers must have been gnashing their teeth is an understatement.

Yes, Joe Biden just literally told coal miners they should learn to code. You can’t make this stuff up.

This comes on the heels of Biden stupidly saying at the last debate that he would eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs in order to transition to a “green economy.” All these job-killing promising garner flashbacks of Hillary Clinton stumbling around on the 2016 trail, talking about re-jobbing people she’s going to put out of work. You’d think Biden would have learned a lesson from that major blunder, but he’s so beholden to the crazy left in his party that he simply can’t succeed in straddling the fence. What’s next? Calling Trump voters deplorable?

The Trump campaign needs to be playing this comment and the one from the debate on a loop all the way to election day. These kinds of comments by Biden will kill his chances among blue-collar workers, the very group that catapulted the President into office three years ago. No one wants to vote for someone who’s promising to put them out of work and make them do a job they don’t want to do. That’s got an almost communistic connotation to it that’s like nails on a chalkboard for Americans. People who work with their hands tend to not desire sitting in a cubicle and they don’t want the government telling them how to make a living.


Oddly enough, the phrase “learn to code” had previously been banned from social media because people were using it to make fun of “journalists” who were losing their jobs due to their product being mostly garbage. Given that, it’s a little funny to see all these major media outlets posting stories about Biden’s comment without a hint of irony.

I wonder if Twitter will be banning the VP for saying such a hateful conglomeration of words?


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