As Pelosi Plays Games With Impeachment, Latest CNN Poll Shows Great News for Trump

As impeachment continues taking up so much oxygen in the current political environment, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the gambit is backfiring on Democrats. We’ve already see some national polling (and not from just Rasmussen) showing Trump leading all Democrat challengers. This is a sharp turn around from previous months, where Trump was sometimes trailing Biden by over 10 points.


Of course, the national polls aren’t all that relevant. What really matters is how voters break in the battleground states and CNN’s latest poll provides more good news for the President.

You can find the full internals at this link. You’ll also see that Trump’s favorability has now climbed to it’s highest level since before the Ukraine drama began. Marks on the economy reach a 20 year high as well. Any poll showing Trump besting or tying Biden this far out is a good poll for the President. As we near the election, assuming the economy remains strong, the power of incumbency will work greatly in the Trump’s favor.

There’s just no doubt at this point that impeachment has worked against Democrats. Pelosi’s strategy to play more games and withhold the articles will only further the damage.



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