Never Trumpers Are Shocked to Learn That the Impeachment Process Doesn't Cease to Be Political When It No Longer Favors Them

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There’s something poetic about the rage I’m seeing from some of the more visible and vocal Never Trumpers.

In this case, I’m not talking about your family member who just doesn’t want to vote for Trump. I’m talking about the absolute crazy people who work for outlets like The Washington Post, MSNBC, and The Bulwark. These are the group of Never Trumpers who’ve pronounced they’d vote for Elizabeth Warren over Trump, because principles or something.


Over the past two months, we’ve heard a common refrain them and Democrats at large. Namely, that impeachment is a political process. This has been used to excuse all manner of dictatorial norm busting and minority crushing by Adam Schiff. Any complaints about the matter were immediately met with “but impeachment is political, not a legal process!”

Heck, just two days ago, Rick Wilson and Tom Nichols were making excuses for the majority not playing by the rules in the house.

Then something amazing happened.

Mitch McConnell came out and let it be known that he was going to allow Trump to coordinate his own defense, which includes allowing the White House to decide what witnesses they want called.

CNN brings us the hand-wringing.

Some Democrats are raising concerns about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s statement that he will coordinate closely with the White House on the looming Senate impeachment trial, with one House Democrat saying the Kentucky Republican should recuse himself entirely.

“He’s working hand in hand with the White House, with the President’s attorney, and yet we’re supposed to expect him to manage a fair and impartial trial?” said Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings when asked about McConnell’s remarks. “I think he should recuse himself.”


The irony is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. These are the same exact people who spent months insisting Democrats could do anything they wanted in the House because the majority rules. And to be clear, there’s nothing improper about McConnell coordinating with Trump’s lawyers on how they’d like to be allowed to defend themselves. That’s the very basis of our justice system, i.e. that the defense gets to call its own witnesses and present its own defense.

This sent the aforementioned Never Trumpers into an apoplectic rage. We also call it schadenfreude.


The worry about keeping to previously held rules in that last tweet is just hilarious.

Justin Amash, who hasn’t said one cross word about the sham process in the House, also chimed in. Apparently, he found time to Tweet between ranting on MSNBC and attending the White House Christmas party, because you know, everyone attends the Christmas party of someone they think is a “danger to our democracy.”

Maybe I’m enjoying this a bit too much, but I just find the hypocrisy here absolutely incredible and humorous. You don’t get to assert repeatedly that anything goes in impeachment because it’s political and then suddenly expect Republicans to cower before you once it goes to the Senate. McConnell is not going to let this turn into a circus and he’s going to allow the White House the proper leeway to defend themselves the way they see fit.

That’s not “collusion,” it’s normal procedure. That’s something that didn’t take place under Adam Schiff’s rule (well, the collusion part did), yet not a single one of these Never Trumpers could find any outrage over it. In fact, most lauded Schiff’s leadership at the time. The rules don’t suddenly change now, and impeachment doesn’t become any less political the moment it doesn’t favor their narrative.


Sorry about that.




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