Impeachment Suddenly Becomes Less Time Sensitive as Democrats Seek to Bury the IG Report

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And here I thought impeachment was so important, so critical we’ve been told, that it had to be done immediately?

Apparently not, as Democrats have decided they’d rather take a three day weekend instead of moving forward today with drafting the articles of impeachment Pelosi has given them the green light to write. When you look at what’s happening on Monday, though, it becomes clear exactly why this change in schedule was made.


That’s not a coincidence. While I’ve long speculated that Horowitz is going to whitewash what happened during the Trump-Russia investigation, walking right up to the line of proclaiming wrongdoing but still making overall pronouncements that it was justified, there’s still going to be a lot of negative information for the FBI in it.

By waiting until Monday to work on the articles of impeachment, it allows Democrats to bury any bad behavior that’s revealed in the IG report. Instead, the news networks will spend all day riffing about Ukraine and Trump being the most criminal president in world history.

Keep in mind that we were just told yesterday by Pelosi and Schiff that impeachment is extremely time-critical because the threat to our “democracy” is so grave.

Maybe this all points to a bit of fear about what the IG report will actually say? To this point, we’ve only gotten the spin from outlets like The Washington Post and CNN. That was always going to happen, as the FBI is prone to use them as mouthpieces to excuse their actions.


In the end, they may be correct that the top-line findings will be that the Trump-Russia investigation was justified. I actually have little doubt Horowitz will end up brushing aside the evidence and come to the conclusion that bias existed, but that it didn’t affect the investigation. But there’s still going to be criminal referrals and descriptions of misconduct in the report, as well as numerous exhibits of shown bias.

Democrats don’t want that getting out and the media will be more than happy to oblige them by giving limited analysis of the IG report while trumpeting impeachment non-stop. Perhaps trying to bury the IG report was what this was always about?


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