BREAKING: Trump Releases Second Ukraine Call Transcript

This is just happening as the impeachment inquiry gets underway.

President Trump has released the second call transcript, which took place in April shortly after Zelensky’s election. It’s not that long, so I’d suggest reading the full thing.


This kills one major talking point that we’ve heard from Democrats and that was assumed by some like Bill Taylor in their testimonies.

Looking at some of the responses I’m seeing, the major push-back appears to be that it’s once again a memorandum (which is 100% normal) and that the incriminating parts are cut out. That’s conspiratorial nonsense given that others were on the call and would immediately speak out if the transcript weren’t accurate.

Meanwhile, this is a pretty funny line from the call.

“I agree with you about your country, and I look forward to it. When I owned Miss Universe, they always had great people. Ukraine was always well represented.”

I’ll end with this relevant bit of snark from John Hayward.



I missed this at first, but this is another major, major Democratic allegation that just went up in flames.


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