Apparently It's "National Period Day" and I'm Not Talking About the Hockey Kind

Just in case you were questioning whether the left have gone completely insane or not, here’s a story to quell your doubts.

Yesterday was apparently deemed “National Period Day,” where crazed left wingers joined together to protest for menstrual equality and removing taxes on tampons. As you can see, there’s real oppression going on in this country.


Non-profit organization PERIOD launched the inaugural Period Day Saturday to call for menstrual equity. The organization held rallies in every U.S. state to discuss period poverty and demand that menstrual products become more accessible.Menstrual product company Always found in a study that one in five girls in the U.S. have left school early or missed a day of class because they did not have access to period products.

Where to start with this.

How many different “days” can we have at this point? There’s literally some leftist cause almost every single day of the week at this point, plus the month long gay pride celebrations. Even if one thinks this is a worthy cause, is it really worth of it’s on designated day? Come on.

Also, note ridiculous claims like this.

In January, Reuters found that nearly two-thirds of low-income women in St. Louis could not afford menstrual hygiene products, including tampons or pads. Nearly half of the survey group said there are many times they cannot afford both food and period products at the same time. Many resort to using cloth, rags, diapers or other forms of paper products instead.

Thirty-five states have not deemed period products as essential items, subjecting menstrual products to a sales tax that many refer to as the “pink tax.” If the products were classified as hygiene products — as Rogaine and Viagra are — they would be eligible to be tax-free. PERIOD seeks to eliminate the pink tax as well as make products free and available in schools, shelters and prisons.


A box of 36 tampons, of which the vast majority of women only need to buy once a month costs about $6. The tax on that might add up to around $0.50 and over the course of the year, you are looking at around $3 in extra costs due to taxes. Does anyone really believe that 2/3rds of low income woman don’t have $6 to buy tampons? Or that $3 a year in sales taxes is what is making or breaking women? This is pure, nonsensical garbage. Even the lowest income among us typically are not going to be helped by wiping away $3 in taxes a year. It’s a total non issue. You can look around on the ground a few hours for one day a year and find that much in lost change.

There are real problems in this world. Real persecution, real oppression, and real suffering. How shallow does one’s life have to be to make your cause fighting the “pink tax?” This is first world problems on steroids and it’s just as laughable that CBS reports this as if it’s not lunacy.


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