WATCH: Climate Change Protestors Learn a Hard Lesson About Blocking People From Getting to Work

Early this morning in the United Kingdom, climate change protestors dubbing themselves part of the “Extinction Rebellion” took to the streets. Some of them got the bright idea of climbing on top of the morning commuter trains, which effectively forced the city to stop running them. This left thousands of people stranded with no way to get to work and frustrated by what was transpiring.


Then things got a little rowdy.

If you watch the video, you’ll see the two protestors start to get pelted with what looks like coffee cups and other pieces of debris. Eventually, an angry commuter climbs up the side and pulls a man down into the crowd where he presumably gets pummeled (you can’t really see at that point).

It’s a pretty crazy visual, but not surprising. Trains are already a form of “green” energy, are they not? And you aren’t going to win any converts by stopping people from making money to support their families.

And what is it with these people and glue?

This stuff is only hurting their cause. People don’t respond well to insane people invading their lives and forcing hardship on them.

Further, these protests are nonsensical. Do they expect to convince China to stop burning coal by gluing themselves to trains in the UK? Even if everyone these people interacted with said “you know, I see the light,” it still wouldn’t change anything.


All this comes back to the religious nature of the climate change movement. These people really think they can “save the world” and affect the climate. In reality, they’d be much better off using their time coming up with technological solutions to deal with any possible rise in temperatures over the next 100 years. Because the truth is, even if catastrophic climate change were real and wholly caused by man, there’s essentially nothing we can do about it.


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