Hillary Clinton Sure Sounds Like She Wants to Run Again

Hillary Clinton points to the audience as she is introduced at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., Friday, May 25, 2018. Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute honored Clinton with the 2018 Radcliffe Medal. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)


I’m still not going to bet on it happening, but Hillary Clinton is back in the spotlight and has been making some rather curious statements. Over the past few days, she’s twice hinted at wanting to run again. This comes in the midst of Joe Biden losing the national lead and Elizabeth Warren becoming the new front runner. Perhaps Hillary sees an opening?

Here’s one example.

I’m not sure how good her grasp of the English language is, but in order to do something “again,” you’d need to actually do it the first time around. Last I checked, and maybe I’m just wrong, she lost to Donald Trump and did not beat him in 2016.

It’s cute that PBS and the media, in general, entertain this lunacy. I’m old enough to remember Hillary admonishing Trump to the cheers of the chattering class over not accepting the results of an election. It was going to destroy our democracy even. Now, she’s running around like a Stacey Abrams mini-me and the beltway clap like seals.

It’s actually not that obvious, as a recent polled showed her only tied 45/45 with him in a hypothetical rematch. That’s worse than all the other leading Democrat candidates. In any situation where she runs again, she’d almost certainly lose. People simply don’t like Hillary Clinton.


But her hint dropping didn’t stop there. She also replied directly to Trump on Twitter recently.

Oh, for the love of all things, please tempt her. I can’t explain how great such a rematch would be.

Will she actually try to ride in on a white horse and save her party from the socialist wing that’s currently favored to overtake it for the nomination? I’ve got my doubts. But she’s making noise about it that she wasn’t making a few months ago. If Joe Biden continues to falter, perhaps she sees an on-ramp to take advantage of. She’d almost immediately garner the big donor class (given that Warren is shunning them now that she’s already taken their money). Wall Street would love her, as they hate Sanders and Warren.

If anything, it’d make the 2020 race a lot more interesting.


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