The Washington Post Decides to Make Conspiracy Theories Great Again

Remember like five minute ago when conspiracy theories were terrible and never to be entertained?

The Washington Post apparently didn’t get their own memo, because even as they are pushing out pieces decrying “conspiracy theories” about Biden and Ukraine, the paper has done it’s own conspiracy fluffing in the past day. You’ll be surprised to learn that the Trump-Ukraine call transcript is likely fake, at least according to The New York Times’ little brother.


I’ll let Bill Kristol share the news, just to add a little bit of extra irony.

The sourcing on this piece is just hilarious. “One person familiar with the creation of records of calls with foreign leaders” is quite the lead in. For years, anyone who’s suspected funny business in regards to the Trump-Russia investigation was labeled a kook, even as more and more information has come forward to show otherwise. The Post has been at the forefront of those attacks. Yet, all it took was a “person familiar with the creation of records of calls with foreign leaders” for them to don the tin foil hat and start nodding along.

In reality, the ellipses you see in the transcript are perfectly normal, indicating pauses in conversation. The reason the transcript is in a rough form is because that’s what is transcribed on the fly. These aren’t being typed up for professional use. They are simply meant to create a record of the call.


There’s zero evidence anything was altered about the transcript. And to even believe that, you’d have to think that career bureaucrats, who largely have a natural aversion to Trump, are all in on a conspiracy to allow this to go down without saying anything.

The Post doesn’t care though. They ran to print with a wild conspiracy theory and Bill Kristol was there to propagate it. Remember this the next time they gnash their teeth over questions about John Brennan or Hunter Biden.


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