Go Ahead and Guess What Political Party the "Whistle-Blower" Belongs To

You might find this filed under the least surprising news of the day.

The current Trump-Ukraine situation is very fluid at the moment, with snippets and assertions being dropped on what seems like an almost hourly basis. As I wrote this morning, Democrats are pushing a set of cherry-picked text messages to try to reinvigorate the idea of a quid pro quo involving a trip to the White House. The goalposts have completely moved from talks of military aid when the “whistle-blower” complaint was first reacted to by Democrats, to more and more tortured allegations.


On the topic of that complaint, a bit of recent news further muddies the waters as we now know one of the reasons why the ICIG noted possible bias on the part of the whistle-blower.

He’s a Democrat.

Now, you might ask yourself why CNN would report this. The answer is simple. It’s called getting ahead of a story to help frame it. We’ve seen this over and over when damaging information that could possibly help Donald Trump is on the verge of being exposed. Instead of letting it drop, legacy news agencies run and get anonymous quotes to try to get the information out there while presenting it in the best possible light.

Remember when there were rumors of intel assets being run against the Trump campaign and then The New York Times wrote a piece admitting it happened, basing it on anonymous FBI sources? That was done so the Times could spin it as justified, which they dutifully tried to do.


The goal here is to get the political affiliation of the whistle-blower out there early so that when more evidence of bias drops, Democrats can claim it’s old news and not relevant to the complaint.

Games are being played here. Don’t be fooled.


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