Media Admit Adam Schiff Lied, But You Are a Hack If You Care

Adam Schiff by Gage Skidmore, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

If Donald Trump does nothing else from this point forward, his exposing of the legacy media will have still been worth it all.


The latest evidence of that comes courtesy the news that Rep. Adam Schiff lied about having prior contact with the whistle-blower in the Trump-Ukraine matter. Originally, Schiff claimed “we” (i.e. Congress and his staff) had no contact. That never added up because Schiff tweeted out some of the contents of the complaint weeks before he was supposed to know about.

Now we know why. The whistle-blower went to a Congressional aide first, who told Schiff of the issue. That led to legal advice being passed back down the chain. Whether there was further coordination in actually formulating the complaint, we don’t know yet (you can bet that happened though). What we do know is that Schiff lied and that he did have advanced knowledge to help him strategically roll all this nonsense out.

Never fear though. Our media betters are here to let us know that none of that matters. After years of pushing process as the be all, end all against Trump (see the obstruction freak outs), it’s suddenly no big deal if Adam Schiff lies to their faces.


Enter Sam Stein, who I’m assured is an unbiased “reporter.”

Someone’s being a hack here and it’s not those who are calling out Schiff.

I’m pretty well convinced that there’s nothing a Democrat can do that will get the media to turn against them. Schiff spent the last two years lying to their faces about having evidence of Russian collusion while appearing on every Sunday show weekly. Not once have any of those hosts pushed back after it became clear he was making it all up.

Schiff does it again, lying directly to their faces about not having prior knowledge and contact with the whistle-blower and what’s the response? It’s that you are a hack for caring. It’s laughable.

Further, Stein shows his partisanship even more by even pretending there’s anything of substance in that whistle-blower report to “care more about.” We’ve seen the transcript. We’ve seen the complaint. Trump did not offer a quid pro quo, he did not threaten aid, and he did not pressure Zelensky. Past that, we found out the call was stored on a system setup after two major leaks of foreign phone calls back in 2017. There was no cover-up and nothing special done with this specific call.


There’s nothing left here. Democrats are too far gone down the road of impeachment and they will keep going, but you’d hope the media would be honest enough to admit they overstepped. But nope, they are going to double down and call people hacks for caring that a Democrat committee chairman lied. Makes sense.


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