The Kamala Harris Campaign Is Burning Down

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Out of all the Democratic candidates, there is perhaps none more inauthentic and grating as Kamala Harris. To be fair, she doesn’t have the shrillness of Hillary Clinton, but she has every other bad quality in spades. She can’t hold a consistent position, she’ll do anything for support, and everything she says sounds like it was focus-grouped. None of those things are good descriptors to be attached to one’s campaign.


After being fluffed as the presumptive front-runner following the first debate (which I called a sucker’s bet at the time), Tulsi Gabbard kneecapped Harris in the second debate and she has never recovered. Since then, it’s been a steady stream of desperation from her campaign.

Things like this.

These are what you call publicity stunts. Her campaign is hemorrhaging cash, the donors have dried up, and she’s old news to the media.

But now things are getting even worse. Her campaign is literally breaking down.


The upper levels of her campaign staff are being changed up and she’s bringing over people from the Senate side to try to rescue her.

California Sen. Kamala Harris plans to restructure her struggling presidential campaign, sources with knowledge of the staffing plans tell CNN.

The changes represent the clearest sign to date that Harris, who has seen her poll numbers consistently fall over the last three months, feels changes are needed to jumpstart her presidential bid and streamline an operation that one source said has been been bogged down by bureaucratic hurdles.

Harris will elevate Rohini Kosoglu, her Senate chief of staff, and senior adviser Laphonza Butler into senior leadership positions within the campaign, the sources said, splitting responsibilities for the day to day management of the operation.

Here’s the problem though – It’s Kamala Harris.

It’s not her staff that is failing here. They’ve actually run a fairly typical campaign and done well with fundraising and managing of funds. But as Harris has fallen from glory, they’ve been put in a position where they can’t win. No amount of staff shake-up is going to save her now. Her campaign is the Walking Dead at this point.


Harris is the worst kind of Democrat. At least Bernie Sanders is honest about who he is. Harris, on the other hand, will tell you three different things within the course of a day. She grandstands in hearings to try to get media coverage while often beclowning herself in the process. Things like trying to impeach Brett Kavanaugh and begging Twitter to ban Trump are just the latest examples of a campaign built on nothing of substance.

I don’t know who will become the nominee for the Democrats in 2020. I do know it’s not going to be Harris, and that’s a good thing.


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