Newly Declassified Documents Show Hillary's Server Was Compromised, Emails Forwarded to Chinese Email Account

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton greets supporters as former President Bill Clinton applauds during the presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., Monday, Sept. 26, 2016. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

On the eve of DNI Dan Coats stepping down, we got a rash of declassifications dealing with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.


As with all things dealing with this topic, it’s complicated and can be hard to follow. But we aren’t dealing with anonymous sources or speculation here. These are actual documents that have just been declassified. Perhaps this dump shows President Trump is keeping his promise on that front?

Brian Cates (Epoch Times) laid out exactly what we are seeing in a lengthy thread that I’m not going to fully post here. I’d suggest you go read it to get the full picture. I’ll do my best to summarize and highlight the major revelations though.

Essentially, the FBI found in the metadata that every email sent and received on Clinton’s home brew server was being copied to an email address registered to a Chinese company named Carter Heavy Industries.

Who setup this email address? We now know the answer to that.


Paul Combetta was Hillary’s IT specialist and he was inexplicably given blanket immunity by James Comey’s FBI during the Hillary email investigation. This despite the fact that he clearly broke the law and apparently had absolutely nothing of substance to offer investigators.

Typically, you don’t give immunity to someone who can’t help you land a bigger fish. But as most reading this know, nothing about the Hillary email investigation made sense. It was clearly ran as a whitewash operation of any possible criminal activity. These new documents further establish that, as we see James Comey and Peter Strzok actively suppressed the evidence in question.

In fact, the only reason we are finding out about this is because the Inspector General filed a supplemental report to fill in gaps left in the original IG report on the Hillary investigation.

The excuse being given by some defenders is that Combetta made the email account so that means it was just an account to archive Clinton’s emails. That leaves way too many questions unanswered and makes little sense.


If you want to setup a dummy account, why are you using a Chinese company as the domain? The first thought would be to ask if Combetta was being paid off by the Chinese to forward the emails to them. That’s probably the least controversial explanation though. If Clinton herself was involved in the distribution of the materials, things would really escalate. The IG came up inconclusive, unable to pin down exactly the provenance and purpose of the Chinese email address. What we do know is that the FBI leadership at the time glossed over the evidence and essentially buried it.

Past that, even if we are to believe that Combetta picked the name at random, it means he broke the law by illegally archiving classified government documents. Of course, we all know Combetta was not acting alone. Hillary Clinton was his boss and had to have been directing him to do these things. What that points to is the magical intent that James Comey claimed didn’t exist (intent wasn’t actually required in the criminal statute regardless).


There’s a lot more in Cates’ thread and I’d again encourage you to read through it. This entire ordeal is just a mess and from what’s being rumored, it’s not over. Bill Barr is on record saying John Huber, who is part of the investigation into all this, is looking at the question of the 33,000 emails Clinton illegally destroyed.

It’s been said a million times and I’ll say it once more. If this were anyone but Hillary Clinton, they’d be in jail by now.


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