Here's a Totally Not Insane Video of Liberals Reacting to Conservative Signs

One of the odder occurrences after Donald Trump’s election has been the propensity for certain liberals to simply lose it. Who can forget the viral video of the woman screaming at the sky as Donald Trump was sworn in?


Just in case you haven’t been exposed to the levels of insanity currently propagating on college campuses and within left-wing activism, the Daily Caller has put together a montage of just how crazy even the mere sight of conservative thought is driving people on the left.

Some of these even surprised me.

There’s a good case that most of these people should be committed. The vulgarity, the violent outbursts, and the inability to control one’s emotions. At one point, you see a young woman cursing and then deciding that poll dancing on a street sign made sense in her protest of ICE. At another, you see a woman shrieking in terror at the mere sight of a conservative holding a sign. People run over to make sure she’s not being harmed. Nope, she’s just that unhinged.


Politics is doing something to our society and it’s not good for a lot of people. If your reaction to those on the opposite side of the aisle is to legitimately lose your mind, screaming and flailing, you shouldn’t be following politics. You should be asking yourself why your life is so devoid of purpose that such a reaction would happen from within you.


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