CNN's April Ryan Has Her Security Assault a Journalist, Media Doesn't Seem to Care

April Ryan is everything that’s wrong with “journalism” in the modern era.

She constantly engages in rabid partisanship and misleading analysis while framing herself as an innocent bystander. When she’s not picking fights at the White House, she’s moonlighting on CNN as a political analyst, which is just code for her showing up and being a liberal hack. This a women so unprofessional that she once threatened to take down Sarah Sanders in a street fight. There was also an episode involving her saying Sanders’ head should be lopped off,  because inciteful language is only a thing on the right apparently. Just recently, she called the currently unemployed Andrew Gillum “governor” because journalism or something.


The point being, this is not a serious person we are dealing with.

So when I came across this story and subsequent video evidence last night, none of it was surprising.

Here’s the story per Charlie Kratovil’s description of events.

I should start by noting he’s a liberal journalist so this is not a case of a right wing outlet baiting someone (not that such would excuse physical misconduct). Kratovil was at a convention where April Ryan was set to speak because I guess that’s a thing people pay for. He received prior permission to film the event. When he arrived he setup his camera and filmed other speakers as the day went on. Before Ryan went on though, she sent her security detail to demand Kratovil take down his camera. He refused, citing that he had permission.

That’s when things got even crazier. Ryan then actually took the stage and told the audience that she does not allow her speeches to be filmed.


What this shows is that her bodyguard wasn’t just acting on his own. She had actually told him to go stop Kratovil from recording. It should be noted this is the same April Ryan who has constantly whined about freedom of the press and having her voice suppressed when it comes to the Trump White House, claims that hold basis in fact. Yet, here she is playing diva, demanding that she not be filmed while she speaks. That’s some serious hypocrisy.

Eventually, as per the video above, the bodyguard steal the camera and physically assault Kratovil by twisting his arm and while throwing him out of the facility.

CNN clearly has issues and this is just the latest in a list of scandals they’ve dealt with this week. What will they do about this? The answer is almost certainly nothing. Had a conservative speaker ordered his bodyguard to do this, we would never hear the end of it and every prime time show on CNN would lead with it. Because Ryan is a liberal though, she apparently has immunity. In fact, this altercation took place over a week ago and CNN has yet to even mention it while Brian Stelter is nowhere to be found. It wasn’t until the video dropped yesterday that the story started to gain traction on right-wing outlets and among some more honest liberal journalists defending their colleague.


Even with clear video evidence showing wrongdoing, Ryan hasn’t apologized. Instead, she’s spent her day blocking people on Twitter who ask her for answers because freedom of the press and all that, right? These people are massive hypocrites. They truly believe they are part of an untouchable, elite class for which normal rules do not apply.

As to the media at large, they don’t get to scream incitement at the right constantly and then just ignore an actual physical assault by a liberal from CNN.


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