CNN's Brian Stelter Does Hit Piece, Lies About Black Woman Whose Videos Started the Baltimore Outrage

You knew this was coming.

Kimberly Klacik is the woman who set off Donald Trump’s latest tweet storm against Democrats. Before the media suddenly cared about Baltimore, she was little known, making videos and doing interviews chronicling the crime, desolation, and mismanagement of one of the nation’s oldest cities.


Here’s a sampling of some of what she was sharing before it became racist to criticize an area’s leadership for their failures.

It was her reporting on these issues that led to the Fox and Friends appearance that ultimately set all this into motion. Before Trump amplified her concerns, there wasn’t a single person in major media even thinking about Baltimore and the conditions many of its residents are living in, including rampant violent crime. For bringing that to the forefront, Klacik should be praised. She’s successfully drawn national attention to a major problem.


But because orange man is always bad, that means Klacik now needs to be attacked and maligned. CNN’s Brian Stelter is on the case.

Stelter couldn’t even be bothered to learn how to say her name. He then goes on to essentially claim she’s lying about being a “Republican strategist,” even though she has worked on two campaigns. On that note, the hypocrisy there is almost too much to take. There have been literally dozens of “Republican strategists” on CNN during the Trump era who haven’t worked on campaigns in years. Is CNN lying by describing them as that? Can anyone name the last campaign Ann Navarro worked on? Didn’t think so.

But you see what he’s trying to do. He wants to discredit her as a person instead of focusing on the work she did, which can only be described as actual journalism, i.e. something Stelter wouldn’t have any idea about.

It gets worse though, as CNN’s media watchdog then claims she “lost” her election. Actually, the position she ran for was one where the top 2 serve. In other words, she won. Whatever producer pulled her information just scanned the results and didn’t realize what they were looking at. Stelter ran with it anyway and has yet to correct himself.


Klacik is also accused of only making her videos to “support Trump” even though she never mentions Trump. Worse, Stelter says her videos were made with “clearly racist connotations.” Klacik is a black woman from Baltimore. It sounds pretty racist to me to assume she couldn’t actually be doing the work Stelter’s own network refuses to do. She has to be some shill, right? That’s the line CNN is rolling with here.

Ryan Saveedra, who reported on this segment, ticked off Stelter enough to get blocked on Twitter.

Brian Stelter is not a journalist. He’s not unbiased. He’s a partisan hack with thin so skin you can see through him. His low-rated show is routinely filled with misleading garbage and most of his segments focus on attacking his much more highly rated competitor, Fox News.

Even still, this hit job on Klacik was way over the line. To go after her personally and to try to malign her just because she found herself on the same side of the President is disgusting and it shows that CNN doesn’t actually care about the people of Baltimore. This is all about politics for them and they’d rather spend their time tearing down a woman for making videos than dealing with the actual problems she publicized.


This is CNN.


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