CNN Hired a Vicious Anti-Semite, Media Watchdog Brian Stelter Oddly Uninterested

screencap from Reliable Sources

CNN apparently needs better vetting of their employees because this was a pretty big swing and a miss.

After a man named Mohammed Elshamy was recently hired by the liberal network to do photo editing, Arthur Schwartz brought to the forefront a myriad of past anti-Semitic posts in Elshamy’s Twitter history. We aren’t talking mildly anti-Semitic, but full blown rabid antisemitism.



This guy is so racist and crazed that he even lost his mind when his assumed favorite soccer team added a Jewish player.

I mean, I don’t like soccer either, but settle down bro.

How did CNN miss this? They are a top media company (well, in stature at least) and should have the abilities in place to do a quick social media keyword search on prospective employees. What makes this worse though is that CNN has had no trouble hunting down people they view as ideological foes, including people that have no connection to them and are otherwise private citizens.

Take this poor woman, who didn’t do anything but share a Facebook group. But CNN’s crack team of investigators were on it and had a guy on her front lawn ready to harass her within a few days.


Yet, a guy can have multiple, blatantly anti-Semitic posts on his Twitter and get hired by CNN with no issue. I’m going to assume a CNN reporter won’t be showing up at his place of residence anytime soon either.

So what was CNN’s response to this?

They waited around until he resigned? Why would you even allow him to resign? He should have been fired with prejudice just to make the point.

Notice that self-described media watchdog Brian Stelter has no comment. He can’t shut up when Fox News does even the most mundane things, but his own network hires a rabid anti-Semite and all he can muster is a copy and paste of a PR release. Real bravery comes in all shapes and sizes.

Would Stelter and the rest of CNN shrug this off if any other outlet made this mistake? Of course they wouldn’t. Imagine for a second that The Daily Caller hired a white supremacist, even inadvertently. Would CNN at least put out a story detailing what happened? Would there be a myriad of scolding tweets from CNN personalities? The answer is unequivocally yes, so while I can perhaps believe that CNN didn’t intentionally hire this guy, their hypocrisy is glaring enough to not ignore.


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