Michael Avenatti Gives a Press Conference to Himself, Gets Trolled In Epic Fashion

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, Michael Avenatti was the belle of the ball on CNN and MSNBC, racking up astronomical amounts of air time and even teasing a Presidential run. Now, he’s staring down very serious federal charges that seek to put him behind bars for decades, including tax fraud, extortion, and embezzlement.


As the walls have closed in on Avenatti, he’s become more and more unhinged.

That led to this hilarious presser earlier in the week.


Avenatti wraps up the presser by asking “anything else?” You’d think he was speaking to a room full of reporters based on his demeanor, but then the camera zooms out.

Yes, that’s Creepy Porn Lawyer asking if there are more questions to a bunch of empty chairs.

His humiliation was only beginning though. After the presser, Donald Trump Jr. decided to execute one of the most savage trolls I’ve seen in years.

“Yes, 911…I’d like to report a murder.”

That is Michael Avenatti’s ex-wife posing for a picture with Donald Trump Jr. as Avenatti himself stares down prison. This is real life and it’s glorious.

For anyone that cares, which is likely no one, the presser itself was just a rehash of Avenatti’s grievances. He’s still claiming Julie Swetnick was gang raped by Brett Kavanaugh. He brought up some Michael Cohen stuff that has already been dealt with as part of the SDNY’s now closed cased on the matter. Nothing new was presented. Just a desperate man begging for attention.


There is one more hilarious part of this story though.

Notice in the tweet above that Avenatti says “every network” was there and to “check the mic count.” While there’s clearly not multiple mics from “every network” there, you do see a single extra mic aside from the sound system’s mic.

That’d be a mic from CNN, because of course.


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