That Jeffrey Epstein Story Sure Died a Quick Death and the Reason Is Obvious

FILE – This July 27, 2006 arrest file photo made available by the Palm Beach, Fla., Sheriff’s Office shows Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, a wealthy financier and convicted sex offender, has been arrested in New York on sex trafficking charges. Two law enforcement officials said Epstein was taken into federal custody Saturday, July 6, 2019, on charges involving sex-trafficking allegations that date to the 2000s. (AP Photo/Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office, File)


Last week, news was exploding about the arrest and subsequent charging of Jeffrey Epstein, a serial pedophile and sexual abuser who had previously been let off via a sweetheart plea deal back in 2007.

Epstein’s news making ability wasn’t just about his crimes though. It was about who he was connected too, namely much of the rich and powerful in New York. The most serious contact appears to have been with Bill Clinton, who not only traveled many times with Epstein, but was also fingered on his “pedophile island” in the Caribbean by a victim.

As I wrote last week, Clinton is absolutely the most implicated major figure here and every investigative reporter that has any integrity left should be digging deep on this topic.

Every investigative journalist worth their salt should be diving deep into the Clinton and Epstein connection because it’s a flashing red light right now. Instead, we get side-stepping pieces like this one from Vanity Fair riffing about fairly irrelevant connections to Trump while ignoring the most disturbing revelations. Whether they are meaning to or not, the media are helping to cover for some really bad actors by refusing to shift their partisan rancor and follow the evidence.

That was wishful thinking though. On Friday, I tweeted this out with all the cynicism I could muster, opining that now that Sec. Acosta (the only figure with any connection to Trump) had resigned, the story would die a quick death.


Was I right? Absolutely.

The story has vanished. It’s like it never happened. We went from wall to wall coverage to radio silence, with only a few buried pieces on his finances seeing daylight. As long as Sec. Acosta was still around, the media had their hook to tie this all to Donald Trump, despite him having no serious relationship with Epstein and any possible malfeasance by prosecutors occurring over a decade before his presidency.

But when Acosta resigned at the end of the last week, that was it. The hook was gone. They couldn’t readily tie it to Trump anymore so they dropped it. This despite the fact that we know Bill Clinton lied about his interactions with Epstein in his press release on the matter.

Has any mainstream media outlet followed up on this? Anyone questioned Bill Clinton in person? Staked his house out? Stalked him in public to make him answer? Would any Republican ever be left alone over something as sensational and disturbing as the revelations about Clinton’s connections to Epstein? Of course not.

We’ve got a former President implicated in a sexual abuse scheme, on the flight logs with the underage girls, and visiting an island known for its sex trafficking…and no one outside of right wing media cares. CNN isn’t talking about, nor the major networks or newspapers. It doesn’t even appear any of those outlets are looking into it. It’s a total blackout.


What this shows is that the media never really cared about the women who were abused. It was always just another way to slap at Donald Trump. When that was no longer possible, they moved onto the next Trump outrage. It puts the moral vapidness of their profession on full display.


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