BREAKING: Trump Makes Major Change to Asylum Rules

The Trump administration has finally moved forward with making major changes to our asylum rules.


This is long overdue.

It makes no sense for any true asylum seeker to to be allowed to country shop on their journey. The point of asylum is protection from immediate danger. It is not to garner the most economically beneficial situation. If someone is truly physically threatened in Guatemala, there is no reason for them to travel almost 2,000 miles, paying off drug cartels and putting their children in mortal danger, to cross the U.S. border illegally.

We simply do not have the amount of facilities, immigration judges, nor welfare to continue to sustain the influx of migrants currently coming. Asylum is not something that should be abused and allowing so many to do so only makes it harder for legitimate claims to be adjudicated. Lax enforcement and asylum abuse only incentivize more to come, which leads to more abuse, more rapes, and more sick and dead children.

The United States is an incredibly charitable nation, but we simply can not absorb the entirety of the world’s poor. This change to asylum laws is common sense and should be allowed to go into effect.


With that said, you’ll be able to count the days on your hands before a liberal judge puts an injunction in place, stopping this rule change. We aren’t governed by elected officials anymore, only the whims of district judges.


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