State Dept. Says Hillary Email Server Had at Least 30 Security Breaches

State Dept. Says Hillary Email Server Had at Least 30 Security Breaches

But her emails, right? Yeah, but her emails is right. It’s not the public’s fault that so much of this was kept hidden for so long and that it’s just now starting to trickle out.

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server made news again yesterday after a letter sent to Sen. Chuck Grassley was released. In it, the State Department outlined that at least 30 security breaches took place during its operation.

In a letter to Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a State Department official said that at least 15 State Department employees were responsible for 23 violations and seven security infractions related to Clinton’s server.

The FBI investigated whether Clinton mishandled classified information by sending and receiving classified emails on a private server that she kept at her residence in New York. The FBI found that Clinton was “extremely careless” in using the server, but ultimately decided not to recommend that she be charged with a crime.

The State Department continued its internal review of the Clinton server after the FBI ended its investigation, according to the letter to Grassley. Clinton’s State Department aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, were aware that she exclusively used the server. Clinton and her aides exchanged thousands of classified emails while she was in office, including more than two dozen that were found to have top-secret information.

This is an ongoing review and State finds it probable that many more violations will be discovered. Grassley had made the request for the names of those who were behind the different violations.

Laws are for the little people though, so Hillary and her associates, who clearly knew about and intended to propagate the scheme that took place, have faced no consequences for their actions. I’m not even sure any of them have lost their security clearances.

Meanwhile, people from less protected classes have managed to find themselves in jail over far less and even accidental mishandling of classified information.

While this story has certainly aged at this point, it’s no less relevant today. The stench of corruption and backroom dealing within our bureaucracies has profoundly hurt the reputation of the FBI and DOJ. It’s still an eye-opening experience to go read the list of just how many unusual, illogical actions were taken to cover for Hillary throughout the ordeal.

Giving immunity deals to people with nothing to offer. Drafting early exoneration letters before an interview had even taken place. Letting Clinton’s co-conspirators function as her lawyers at the same time. Allowing the destruction of evidence for no logical reason. The list goes on and on.

While justice won’t ever be done, this letter to Grassley does add yet another piece of evidence into the public sphere that proves just how far the corruption went. Any normal person who had overseen so many violations while committing a clearly illegal act would have been prosecuted. Hillary Clinton isn’t a normal person though and that’s essentially the lesson that’s been taught here, much to the detriment of our institutions.


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