Harris, Booker Accuse CBP of Human Rights Abuses, Completely Misconstrue Facts of the Situation

Under President Trump, we’ve seen a new trend emerge involving the coverage of illegal immigration.

When former President Obama was around, children being separated under the Flores Agreement nary warranted a mention in the press. Illegal immigrants dying in CBP custody wouldn’t even make the local news. Unaccompanied minors being held at Fort Sill never made a CNN headline while Obama was in office.


Things are completely different today though. Every single negative event that can be spun from the border is now headline news, even when it’s clear that it isn’t the fault of immigration officials. Nine times out of ten, further research tells a much different story than what politicians and the media are presenting, but by that point, it doesn’t matter. The false perception has already become part of the public conscious.

Take these tweets by Corey Booker and Kamala Harris.

They are of course citing The New York Times, because misleading, garbage coverage on immigration is the norm there. Even still, you’d think Booker and Harris would at least read the details before running to Twitter to pop off about it.

So, did CBP mercilessly rip a 4 month old from the arms of its father or is there a lot more to the story? Spoiler: There’s a lot more to the story.

Let’s deal with Booker’s claim of “xenophobia” first. In reality, the family in question here is from Romania. They aren’t even Hispanic, so claims of xenophobia and racism fall pretty flat when you are dealing with white Europeans. It’s also pretty unbelievable for an elected official to accuse CBP agents of xenophobia when half their ranks are Hispanic and all they are trying to do is accomplish their job. Does Booker think Trump personally flew down there to oversee this case?


Your next question is probably “why are Romanians trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally?” Good question and it’s one that the Times doesn’t even attempt to answer in their breathless coverage. There are no wars going on in Romania nor is there any legitimate reason for someone to go to Mexico in order to try to claim asylum in the United States. The entire chain of events just doesn’t add up, but no one in the media or on the Democrat side of the aisle even care about that.

Worse, the father in question has a criminal record.

Vasile, who had a criminal record, said he was pressed to drop his request for asylum.

This isn’t difficult. If an American citizen has a criminal record, drags a 4 month old on a dangerous trip through the desert, and then commits another crime, they would be separated from their child while their case is adjudicated. Am I supposed to feel sympathy for this father, who chose to put his child in danger while choosing to commit a crime? Why should illegal immigrants be treated any differently than a citizen would be treated in a similar situation?

In fact, the father, mother, and children got separated in Mexico before CBP even got involved.

They lost each other in Mexico. After U.S. border agents apprehended Vasile and baby Constantin in Texas, his wife and their 4-year-old son returned to Romania from Mexico.

At the point immigration authorities picked up the father and infant, the mother and older child had already went back to Romania. The 4 month old baby the father had with him spent some time in foster care in Michigan during the ordeal. The Father was deported back to Romania because he clearly had no claim to asylum coming from a peaceful country while holding a criminal record. The Times, Booker, and Harris try to make it seem like this is an inhumane act. That’s ludicrous. CBP followed the only viable path in how they handled the situation.


Eventually, the entirety of the family reunited in Romania (where they left three other children behind) after everything got sorted out. The system worked as it should have and no rational thinking human being could have expect anything differently to have occurred. Should CBP have just let a guy from Romania in the country illegally while holding a criminal record? Should the 4 month old have stayed in detention with the father? Most people would say no because those are ridiculous suggestions. Meanwhile, the left and the media want to paint CBP as committing human rights abuses.

Here’s the simple solution. Don’t want to be separated from your child? Don’t fly from Romania with a criminal record, drag your infant son on a life threatening trip through Mexico, and cross the border illegally.

Democrat politicians that continue to lie and falsely frame what is going on at the border are disgusting. It’s immoral to accuse CBP of xenophobia and human rights abuses for handling the situation in a completely logical and fair way. The agents in question are normal Americans just trying to do their freaking job, not villains for politicians to beat up on. Harris and Booker should be ashamed of themselves and deserve to be roundly condemned. Instead, the media will amplify their message and continue to mislead. We live in strange times and the direction we are heading isn’t just gross, it’s dangerous.


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