CNN Reporter Pushes Fake News After Trump Presents Copy of U.S-Mexico Border Deal at Presser

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This is not an apple or a banana, or something. I forget which is supposed to represent the truth in their silly ad campaign.

Today, Donald Trump gave a short presser to intrepid news reporters at the White House. Some of the questions naturally revolved around the new border deal between the U.S. and Mexico, which was reached late last week. After spending days calling Trump a moron for threatening tariffs, he delivered a victory they all said wouldn’t happen and Mexico gave some serious concessions to help stem the flow of illegal immigration.


That has many in the media shifting into overdrive to spin the results. One such outlet that’s been as guilty as anyone is CNN and Jim Acosta’s replacement (he’s busy risking his life giving interviews about his silly new book) decided to get in on the act.

After the President held up a piece of paper asserting it was a copy of the deal with Mexico, CNN’s Brian J. Karem took to Twitter to make this accusation.

Mr. Karem really thought he had the President here. Isn’t it just hilarious how he presented a blank piece of paper as the deal? What a conman, am I right?

His post has 17.7K likes as I’m typing this and it spread like wildfire in the left-wing echo chambers.

There’s a problem though, as there usually is with these sensational Trump stories.


Not only is the language of the agreement visible, you can even see the signatures on the paper. It’s clearly, 100% not “blank,” as CNN’s reporter described it.

Karem gave a belated correction which currently has only 383 likes and 39 retweets. Notice how these people always purposely don’t delete their tweets, knowing they’ll continue to garner views and followers despite being false.

This led to questions about why Karem assumed it was blank in the first place.

We know why he did what he did though. CNN exists as a rabidly anti-Trump network at this point. Even as their ratings keep collapsing, they continue their crusade. If that means spreading fake news, which will now become fact to liberals everywhere, then so be it. They can just give a meek correction and move onto the next purposeful screwup.

In a stunning show of no self-awareness, Karem tweeted this out later in the afternoon.


In reality, it looks like it’s Karem’s credibly that just got blown to bits.


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