AOC Absolutely Clowns Herself in Hearing with FBI Official

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshest of fresh faces in the Democrat party, has invented a new problem that doesn’t actually exist and she’s determined to show her ignorance while trying to push it.


You see, the FBI is actually racist because they haven’t been charging white supremacists with “domestic terrorism.” In a hearing with the FBI Assistant Director of Counter Terrorism, AOC decided she was going to go hard and really rack up those retweets on Twitter. What she ended up doing was absolutely clowning herself.

There are several issues here.

One, as Ryan Saavedra points out, there is no actual thing as “domestic terrorism” when it comes to criminal statutes. We already have laws for domestic crime. When you kill someone, its called murder. Even if the FBI wanted to, they couldn’t charge a neo-nazi with “domestic terrorism” because that doesn’t exist as far as the justice system is concerned.

This is for good reason. Civil liberty questions become a very big issue if you start classifying Americans as terrorists when they have no actual foreign connections. If they are connected with a foreign entity, such as ISIS, then they can be charged under international terrorism statutes.


AOC still couldn’t understand this, so she then went to bat for the San Bernardino terrorists, insinuating they had been discriminated against.

As if the level of stupid wasn’t already high enough, the FBI doesn’t even charge people. They are an investigative agency, which means AOC was grilling someone for not bringing “domestic terrorism” charges when they don’t even have prosecutorial authority in the first place.

After getting thoroughly embarrassed, AOC then ran to Twitter with an edited video to get accolades from all her followers.

I like the nod to herself, asserting that she tried to give the FBI official, who’s an expert on the matter, the benefit of the doubt. But she checked on it and she’s right, even though she’s completely wrong on every level. Brilliant stuff.


There is no objective truth anymore in politics. Just Twitter and people clapping like seals. Her false tweet currently has 128,000 likes.

Here’s a summary of how that went.

This woman is ignorant at a level we’ve rarely seen before on the national stage. She has no understanding of any issue at all. There’s a reason she was tending bar before she was elected to Congress and it becomes more apparent every single time she opens her mouth.

Now, if only we had some virtuous firefighting journalists out there who could do some fact-checks on this? Anyone?


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