The FBI Just Dropped New Documents on Hillary Clinton and They Are Really Bad

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Late Friday night, we got a document dump from the FBI dealing with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server.

While we’ve already gotten ample evidence that she absolutely should have been charged for her mishandling of classified information, these latest revelations are still pretty mind-blowing. After you read them, you are left asking yourself how it was possible that she wasn’t indicted.


Well, we know why.

Starting with Hillary’s actions, her criminality isn’t even in doubt anymore. Stripping highly classified materials of their markings and then pushing them out via unapproved means is illegal. Nowhere in the statute is their a requirement for “intent” nor could any serious person argue she didn’t intend to do what she actively chose to do.

While we already knew that, it’s pretty amazing to see that even the FBI was admitting it at the time. Shortly after, the full whitewash would go into effect.

The revelations about Sidney Blumenthal are even crazier. Here’s more on that.

How is Sideny Blumenthal still walking around a free man after participating in a conspiracy like that?


It’s insane how not blind our justice system is. There’s clearly two separate tiers at play and that hasn’t seemed to change the last two years. The things in these documents don’t just demand disapproval, they demand a reopening of the investigation. No logical explanation except corruption exists where all of this evidence was simply hand-waved away by James Comey.

There’s even evidence of Hillary’s involvement in the start of the Trump-Russia hoax in these documents.

If this were a Republican, it’d be a massive scandal. But because we are dealing with Democrats, the media won’t touch this stuff.

Since Nancy Pelosi has made it acceptable to call for the jailing of your political opponents, I’ll just say it. Hillary Clinton should be in jail. The extent to what she participated in would have any normal person put away for years. The fact that she avoided even an indictment is a large black eye on the credibility of the FBI and one they won’t easily recover from. It also reinforces what an incredibly corrupt actor James Comey is. No one with any integrity could have done what he did given what they knew at the time.


I have no faith anyone will ever be held accountable for this stuff. We can only hope that Bill Barr’s investigation is actually extensive and that it exposes more of these people to the light.


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