Nancy Pelosi Says She Wants to See Trump in Prison, Media Oddly Unfazed

Seton Motley | Red State |

Remember the sheer amount of gnashing of teeth that took place throughout 2016 when Republicans would suggest that Hillary Clinton should have been charged for her crimes? Then there were the “lock her up” chants at Trump rallies that really set hair on fire in newsrooms across the country.


Was it a little brash? Sure. But Hillary had clearly violated the law and people were rightly upset that she was being evaluated under a different set of rules.

Enter Nancy Pelosi.

The remarks came in a meeting with Jerry Nadler. Pelosi was actually attempting to rebut calls for impeachment because she knows it will backfire. Now, her new line to sell to the base is that if we don’t impeach now, then Trump can be arrested when he leaves office.

She’s trying desperately to hold back the tide and this latest line is pretty pathetic. If you think he should be in prison, why in the world would you not impeach him? None of this makes sense.

The real question is, will CNN run in terror at her remarks? Will The New York Times write dozens of op-eds letting us know how dangerous this is to our democracy? Nah, of course not.


The double standards at play here are obvious. If a Republican suggests criminal liability against a political opponent, it’s the end of the world and it will spawn hundreds of media reports condemning the action. If a Democrat does it, meh, whatever. Trump is always different.


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