AOC Accuses ICE Agents of Purposely Killing Children Because She's a Moron

I’m going to break one of my own rules. I normally refrain from name calling in headlines and try to not do it in the body of my articles unless it’s just unavoidable. I.E. calling people idiots, morons, etc.


Let’s call this an unavoidable situation. There is no more of an accurate way to describe this latest nonsense from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than moronic.

There are so many questions.

First, I’ll note that Jessica Valenti’s link above doesn’t work. While I can’t be sure what it said, what I can guarantee is that her description of what happened is almost certainly not accurate. She’s a dishonest hack and routinely misrepresents matters to push her rabidly pro-abortion views.

Also of note is that at the time that AOC reacted to the tweet, the link was still not working, which means she had no actual context for what she was responding to.

Regardless, AOC is comparing ICE agents having an accidental death happen in their custody to abortion doctors who purposely choose to kill children. She also describes them as babies in what was probably a freudian slip on her part.

In short, she’s accusing ICE agents of murdering kids.

This harkens back to an episode a few weeks ago when a Democrat Representative made this same argument, accusing DHS of making policy choices with the intention of killing kids. That was quickly swept under the rug and the media completely ignored it. We didn’t even get one fact-check.


Now, we have AOC equating ICE agents with abortionists, asserting they are making the same affirmative decision to end the lives of babies. That’s her words, not my interpretation. She says it’s the “same thing.”

This kind of language is disgustingly vile but not unexpected from someone with very little mental fortitude. It probably never even crossed her mind how illogical her comparison was.

No matter what one thinks of immigration policy as a whole, CBP and ICE are doing everything they can to treat people humanely given the impossible situation at hand. They are not purposely killing anyone and in the rare event someone dies in their custody, accusing them of doing it intentionally is just gross.


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