AOC Flips Again, Goes Back to Saying We've Only Got 12 Years to Save the World

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is talking about global warming again and she still can’t get her story straight.

After making several public appearances claiming that we only had 12 years to act on global war…excuse me…”climate change,” she suddenly reversed course a few weeks ago.


You see, she was just joking and if you believed her, well then it’s you that is the moron.

This never made any sense because in all the instances she made the claim, she was clearly not joking. But hey, she’s AOC, so making wild claims is kind of her thing. She also knows the media will rush to defend her, so she’s pretty comfortable with not being consistent.

Welp, AOC has decided that we all only have 12 years left to live on our current trajectory again.

Got whiplash yet?

What climate scientists is she even talking about? I’m curious if she’s ever actually cited a source for her crazy statements. I bet she hasn’t.

Also, notice that she mocks the idea of “communist cow farts,” ignoring the fact that it was her office the released a FAQ to the media asserting that cow farts were something needing to be eliminated. It was also those same FAQ which proposed paying people not to work. Is it really our fault for responding to her idiocy?


But again, she knows the media will play along and they certainly did when she suddenly claimed the FAQ was an “early draft,” because early drafts are typically pushed out as part of a full media campaign and then never updated with later drafts. It’s all so stupid.

There’s something perhaps a bit more insidious in her comments though.

As she goes back to claiming we’ve only got 12 years to live, you get the sense that there’s literally nothing she won’t justify to fight her made up crisis. This is the danger of politicians trying to use false urgency to push their power grabs. If the world is going to end, who needs freedom right? There’s no doubt in my mind that AOC thinks that way and we see it come out in her statements frequently.

But hey, maybe the media will actually call her out for her flip-flop-flip here?


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