Adam Schiff Loses His Mind, Claims that Declassification of Trump-Russia Info Is "Un-American"

What? If anyone can make sense of Schiff’s logic here, congrats.

Rep. Adam Schiff, noted Russian truther and conspiracy monger, has spent the past few months demanding that the Mueller report be fully un-redacted. He even wants the grand jury material exposed, which would actually be illegal to do. He doesn’t care because he’s for “full transparency” and all that.


Well, not anymore. All the sudden, Schiff thinks it’s “un-American” for Bill Barr to de-classify materials related to the Trump-Russia investigation.

The move is likely to further anger Democrats who have said that Barr is using his position as the nation’s top law enforcement official to aggressively protect the president and attack his critics.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), who as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee leads one of the ongoing congressional investigations of Trump, called the action “un-American.” Trump and Barr, Schiff said in a statement Thursday night, are conspiring to “weaponize law enforcement and classified information against their political enemies.” ‬

How exactly is not hiding things from the public supposed to “protect the President?” Democrats continue to live in some alter-reality where exposing truth to the American people is actually participating in a cover-up. We saw this with the Mueller report. Bill Barr released it nearly in full, minus what the law required to redact, and then he got accused of protecting the President anyway. None of this makes any sense.


Furthermore, how can you weaponize classified information unless it actually shows wrongdoing? And if it shows wrongdoing, why would Schiff want to keep that hidden from voters? There seems to be a strong contingent of Democrats and certain anti-Trump forces who think it’s actually better to have a maleficent intelligence state as long as they target the right people. It’s a very dangerous line to tow.

Schiff’s own hypocrisy in all this is laughably apparent.

Schiff and his Democrat colleagues are simply hacks. They are all about declassification and transparency when they think it’ll benefit them politically. But the moment the President moves to be more transparent on a matter that might expose Democrat corruption, they start screaming bloody murder about “muh sources and methods.”

The irony here is that while Schiff whines about weaponizing law enforcement, that actually did happen under Barack Obama. Despite that, Schiff is against using law enforcement to investigate the weaponizing of law enforcement. Try to figure that one out.

Meanwhile, the media are reacting exactly as you’d expect. They are actually rooting for Barr to not de-classify documents.


We know live in a world where the mainstream media, who make a living off leaked, confidential information, are now actively rooting against transparency simply because it might help Trump. You can’t make this stuff up. The President has driven these people absolutely insane.

As to Adam Schiff, he’s a clownish hypocrite. He deserves to be treated as such.




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