Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen Questions Nancy Pelosi's Patriotism Over Impeachment and We're Here for It

Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., left, speaks to invited guests during the reception at the Marijuana Policy Projects 15th annual gala, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


Is this one of those “inject this into my veins” moments? I think it is.

Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen appeared on CNN today (where else?). You’ll probably remember Cohen from some of his greatest hits, like slobbering on a bucket of KFC during a hearing in an attempt to call Bill Barr a chicken. Nice work Tennessee.

In the past few days, Nancy Pelosi has been desperately trying to tamp down calls for impeachment because she smartly realizes there’s no case for it and that it would backfire. Rationality isn’t a strong suit of Democrat politics though.

When asked about impeachment, he took a direct shot at Pelosi’s patriotism.

Narrator: No one is destroying the Constitution or the rule of law in a “gangster manner.”

This entire thing is completely manufactured. There is no impeachable offense. The Mueller report was a total dud. Now, democrats are flailing about, searching every corner they can hoping to uncover something and they keep failing at it.


Pelosi has a tough job trying to keep people deep in their own delusion like Cohen, AOC, Waters, etc. at bay. The fact that they are now openly attacking her is a new development and a welcome one for the GOP. We are starting to see open warfare within the Democrat party and that doesn’t bode well going into an election year.

Remember, there’s more on the ballot next year than the Presidential race. If Pelosi is forced to go ahead with impeachment, it’s going to hurt a lot those swing district Democrats who won close races in 2018. Impeachment is deeply unpopular among the voting public, barely garnering 35% support in most polls. Even if Trump were to lose, it’d be a disaster for Democrats to lose the house and effectively neuter whoever the new President is.

In the end, I think Pelosi will have no choice but to move ahead though. She can’t hold back this tide forever and the loudest, most influential voices in her party want blood.


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