Illegal Alien Gets Charged With Killing 12 Women, Guess Who Still Hasn't Reported on It

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At least this guy didn’t smirk at anyone, right? Then CNN might be forced to cover it for weeks in order to lie and slander a teenage boy over a false, racial narrative.


As of me writing this though, an illegal alien killing at least 12 women (possibly many more) doesn’t even warrant a write up on their website.

That number is now 12 women.

We are dealing with what could be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. Police are probing dozens of other deaths at this point.

Despite the fact that this is an objectively huge story, CNN has failed to cover it at all. One is left asking themselves why a teenage boy allegedly smirking at a Native American (video evidence later shows it was the teenage boy being harassed) is worthy of non-stop coverage while an illegal alien going on a killing spree isn’t? Don’t those priorities seem just a bit out of whack?


We know the answer though. If this illegal alien were actually a white guy, it would the topic of every CNN prime time show and the top header on their website. Instead, because it doesn’t fit their obsessive racial narrative, the story is completely ignored. There’s also the fact that it could possibly bolster Trump’s claims about crime and illegal aliens. CNN wants no part in that. They’d rather stick to smirks and two scoops.

For their part, Democrats are going full black-out on this story as well. Here was Nancy Pelosi yesterday.

She’s yet to mention that an illegal alien went on a gruesome killing spree but she’s got time slap at CBP, falsely insinuating that they are causing children to die.

The morality of illegal immigration is so completely upside down at this point. We are told that it’s right and just to encourage people to make a dangerous journey into the country illegally. Then when some illegal aliens inevitably do horrendous things, no one in the media wants to talk about it. It’s all very convenient and self-serving.


All of this dovetails into the damaging racial politics that our leaders and media outlets continue to propagate. Objective standards no longer apply. What’s reported on is run through an inter-sectional filter before it ever sees the light of day now.

What kind of illogical, stupid media outlet would think a white kid smirking at someone is a bigger story than possibly the worst serial killer in U.S. history? The answer is CNN.


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