Qatari Propaganda Outlet Al Jazeera Produces a Holocaust Denial Video, Tries to Scrub It After Getting Caught

Qatar’s influence in English media is undeniable. They’ve got their arms in a number of major print publications, including The Washington Post, while they also have a team of “analysts” who make the rounds on MSNBC and CNN. Despite the obvious issues at play, their motivations are never questioned because Al Jazeera promotes the right narrative to their English speaking audience, i.e. the U.S. and Saudi Arabia are bad and Iran is good. They also hate Israel, so that makes them even more popular within the American mediascape.


Over the weekend, Al Jazeera released a video to its Arabic audience and let’s just say it was pretty disturbing.

As I’m writing this, I just went to pull up a saved link and it looks like the video has been completely scrubbed from Twitter via bogus “copyright” claims. When you put out something like that, it is absolutely fair use as a news product.

I’ve found the video on Facebook but I can’t promise it’ll stay active.

If the video gets removed again, the general synopsis is that the woman accuses Jews of exaggerating the Holocaust, claims they used it for their benefit, and that the Jews actually collaborated with Hitler, i.e. they were responsible for their own genocide.

Al Jazeera does this kind of thing all the time. They put on a westernized face for their English properties but go full radical Islamist on their much bigger Arabic properties.

Here’s a look at the woman in the video’s past work.


She seems delightful.

The second tweet includes a man named Mehdi Hasan, who is treated as a “journalist” by western media despite the fact that he’s a rabid anti-Semite and spends his time disseminating false Palestinian propaganda. He was recently retweeted by Ilhan Omar, spreading the violence-inciting lie that Israel had shot a pregnant woman. In reality, as confirmed by their own Islamic Jihad, Hamas had one of their rockets fall short and kill the woman and her child. It should be noted that not a single mainstream media outlet questioned Rep. Omar after that disgraceful episode.

Returning to the video in question, Al Jazeera is now pretending that this was all a mistake. They’ve supposedly “suspended” two employees but the idea that this was an editorial mishap is laughable. Their platform is full of antisemitic garbage and their “journalists” spread it daily.

Notice they are only apologizing on their English account. There’s zero chance they’ll do so to their Arabic audience, even though the video in question was in Arabic and posted on their Arabic account.


Andy Ngo has been doing great work on this, work the regular press won’t do. He brings up a good point.

CNN, The Washington Post, etc. have no issue calling out Russia Today, which is no doubt a modern Pravda, but you won’t ever find a negative word from them toward Al Jazeera, nor their many Qatari propagandists. In fact, they routinely welcome those people on as experts and analysts.

Want to test this theory? Go run a search on CNN or The Washington Post right now (just to name a few). Neither has even covered this latest example of Al Jazeera and Qatar’s anti-Semitic garbage, despite the fact that it’s trending all over social media right now. The story has been out there for almost a day now and they’d rather publish the dozenth anti-Trump and/or pro-Iranian screed of the day. It should be disturbing to all Americans just how embedded Qatar has managed to find itself within U.S. media.

Underneath all the obfuscations and omissions, Al Jazeera is simply Islamist propaganda. It’s the Muslim equivalent of the Daily Stormer but with a lot more money behind it. The fact that the media and certain Democrats can continue to treat them as anything other than the radical Islamist racists that they are shows just how large of a double standard exists.


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