Guess What a John Kasich Adviser Who Relentlessly Pushed the Trump-Russia Hoax Just Registered to Do

Well, this is awkward.

Former John Kasich adviser John Weaver has just registered as a foreign agent.

John Weaver, the top strategist for John Kasich’s presidential campaign in 2016, has registered as a foreign agent and plans to lobby against potential sanctions on Russia.

Weaver signed a contract last month to lobby on behalf of the Tenam Corporation, a subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian state-owned nuclear energy company.

Weaver will lobby Congress and the Trump administration on “sanctions or other restrictions in the area of atomic (nuclear) energy, trade or cooperation involving in any way the Russian Federation,” according to a disclosure filing.


Weaver is the epitome of your typical Washington D.C. failure who’s never worked on a winning campaign but continually gets hired to run more campaigns into the ground. He worked for John McCain in 2008 and we all know how brilliant of a campaign that was. He was also John Huntsman’s adviser in 2012 on his failed bid. In 2016, he joined John Kasich’s campaign and helped it crash and burn.

Weaver working for Russia  is especially hypocritical though because he has been a hardcore Russian collusion truther, pushing all kinds of crazed conspiracy theories about the Russians controlling our politics and throwing the election for Donald Trump.

So your response to Russia attacking our democracy (which doesn’t exist, we are a republic) is to go work for them and lobby against U.S. interests to help Putin? Makes sense.

The six-month contract is worth $350,000, plus expenses, with an option to extend if necessary. “Time is of the essence in the Agreement,” the contract reads, according to a copy filed with the Justice Department.

For an even bigger laugh, check out Weaver’s comments on sanctions over the past few years.


After attacking Trump multiple times for supposedly not being tough with sanctions on Russia (Fact-Check: False), he’s going to…lobby against sanctions for Russia. That seems consistent.

Weaver is of course claiming that he’s actually just out to save the world.

Weaver will “work with Congress and, hopefully, make sure they don’t come up with something vis-a-vis Russia that ends up hurting the United States,” he said.

Yes, I’m sure that’s it. It’s not the massive check, no no no, it’s that Weaver wants to stop the U.S. from committing any self-inflicted wounds in regards to Russia. Because we all know that Russia’s top priority is to ensure the prosperity of the United States.

This is politics in Washington D.C.

It’s a gross, self-serving racket where people like Weaver can spend two years yelling about Russian collusion and then in the next breath take $350,000 from them to lobby for Russian interests. These people aren’t serious people. They have no principles nor do they really care about what they say they care about. It’s all about power and money and always has been. All the talk about decorum, norms, and patriotism we’ve constantly heard the past few years was just garbage to protect their gravy train.


They’ll partner with foreign adversaries, but hey, at least they don’t use brash language like Trump. Because we all know that what really matters in politics is that you put on a virtuous front while shamelessly pretending to be something you aren’t.


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