AOC Trashes Biden, Says He Committed a "Dealbreaker"

The queen has spoken.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshest of fresh faces in the Democratic House, has let it be known that she can no longer support Joe Biden. This is connected to Biden’s remarks on global warming that struck a nerve with the #resistance crowd.


This of course led lefties to set their hair on fire because realistic, pragmatic ideas just won’t do when they’ve got an economy to wreck and a socialist system to put in place.

Now AOC is responding and she’s none too happy with Biden not bending knee to her obsession.


I love the term “climate denial,” as if anyone on the other side of the global warming debate is denying that climate changes.

The 30 year old former bartender wants all of you to know that “our kids’ lives are at stake.” We know what this really about though. There’s a reason AOC and other global warming cultists refuse to accept anything but quasi-communist suggestions on the issue they say is so important. It’s about politics, not actually saving the planet (which likely does not need saving in this case anyway). More nuclear power? Well, they’ll scoff at that. Massive Green New Deal that would increase emissions and destroy the environment? That’s good because AOC says it’s good.

The dynamic Biden is facing here is interesting though. Can he win the nomination if the crazed AOC wing of the party comes out strongly against him? I think he still can because I suspect that wing isn’t nearly as large as the media make it out to be. Despite that, I expect a strong walk back by Biden this coming week. He’s going to bow before the new Democratic leadership because that’s what the base demands. He’ll repent and then AOC will bless him as acceptable again for the time being.


What’s going to really shake things up is when endorsements start coming down. AOC is almost certainly going to endorse Bernie Sanders. That means lots of free media. It could help make the race competitive again. In the meantime, Biden better watch what he says because he’s not living in Barack Obama’s Democratic party anymore.


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