Disgraced Former FBI Director Pushes Unhinged Conspiracy Theories at CNN Town Hall

Last night, because CNN’s ratings apparently haven’t been crappy enough, James Comey was welcomed for a “Town Hall” where he was served up softball questions to virtue signal over. You know, because disgraced FBI directors normally get town halls or something. It was basically a live action play of his emo Twitter feed.


At the event, he decided to push several already disproven conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Russia.

This is like asking whether it’s possible James Comey has joined Beto O’Rourke in his furry fetish. I suspect it’s more than possible but me saying so doesn’t make it any more probable.

Comey knows what he’s saying is utter nonsense. The Mueller investigation looked at all this and found there was nothing there, no conspiracy, etc. between Trump and Russia. We can also see by Trump’s tough actions against Russia that there’s clearly no leverage being held over him. Yet, just like Andrew McCabe did, Comey is making a salacious suggestion without any proof, knowing that CNN will run with it as factually newsworthy.

And sure enough, here’s CNN’s headline today on it.

Comey Says it Is Possible the Russians Have Something Compromising on Trump

Let me rephrase that for them.

Disgraced FBI Director Who Knows Nothing Makes Baseless Claim About Trump and Russia

The latter is far more accurate of a representation of what Comey said.

He wasn’t done though. Comey then moved on to even more ridiculous conspiracy theories, this time about the fabled “pee tape” the Russians supposedly had to blackmail Trump. He suggests that Robert Mueller thought the pee tape may exist and that he didn’t “disprove” it.


There’s a problem, though. Mueller actually did disprove it, as even though the Russian who made the claim never told Michael Cohen at the time, he did tell the special counsel that the tape allegations were fake.

Despite that, we’ve got James Comey going on CNN, in 2019, pretending the pee tape thing is still a legitimate inquiry. It was so bad that Anderson Cooper actually corrected Comey on his statement.

Is James Comey just this dumb? Or is he actively misleading people to try to cover for his own misconduct? Probably a little of both. Notice in the transcript that he does the same stupid “welp, I wouldn’t have thought this could be true about anyone else” routine that he did in his book. Last I checked, it’s not an investigator’s job to treat something as validated evidence based on gut feelings. Yet, here’s Comey essentially admitting that he did just that.

I’ll end with this clip that encapsulates perfectly what Comey’s problem is.


False. The country can have whoever they decide to vote for. Period.

It is not James Comey’s job to take it upon himself to save the nation from a President he despises. This is why Comey was so dangerous in his position. He had no boundaries and truly felt he had the power to engage in what was essentially a soft coup. That meant if he had to lie on a FISA application, then so be it. If he had to mislead the President on the dossier, so be it. If he had to orchestrate the appointment of a special counsel, so be it.

If there’s any justice left in our system, this guy is going to go down hard in the near future.


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