Ilhan Omar Has a Habit of Tweeting Hamas Terrorist Propaganda

We almost made it two days without Ilhan Omar doing something completely awful.

Someone reset the counter because her latest escapade involves supporting terrorism by retweeting multiple pieces of Hamas propaganda. They came from a man named Mehdi Hasan, an Islamist mouthpiece who works for Al Jeezra.


It is objectively false to say that Israel occupies Gaza. They do not and not a single Jew has lived there since 2005. Israel controls their borders because they are also Israel’s borders. That’s not a complicated thing to grasp. The fact that the UN claims an occupation still exists is simply a testimony to how illogically dumb that organization is.

Omar wasn’t content with one retweet though.

There’s one major problem with Omar’s endorsement of Hasan’s statement.

It’s total garbage.

Islamic Jihad admitted that it was one of their rockets falling short that killed the pregnant woman and her niece. Palestinian terrorists could not care less about their own people.

You’d think a self-proclaimed champion of human rights like Omar would speak out against such barbaric treatment but nah. She was quick to spread Hamas propaganda but when the facts go against her world-view, she suddenly falls silent.

This is a woman who sits on the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee.


We passed the point of being able to dress this up as innocent a long time ago. Day after day, Omar finds ways to support terrorists and take blatantly un-American positions. It’s surreal at times, and if you point it out, liberals and the media rush to proclaim that you are inciting violence against her. Absurdity is the word for it.

I keep thinking she’ll finally cross some line where Democrats will go “ok, enough is enough.” I continue to be proven wrong.


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