Trump Tells Democrats to Pound Sand Over Requests for Testimony

This isn’t going to make Jerry Nadler happy.

President Trump is done cooperating with a Democratic House that’s done everything they can to weaponize that cooperation against him. In the past, Trump has allowed many people to testify despite having the right to claim executive privilege. This was a stark departure from how Obama handled things, who routinely bucked testimony by his officials.


Instead of acting in good faith given Trump’s previous openness, Democrats are continuing to make ridiculous demands as they desperately search for some legal issue to press.

In response, Trump is now telling House Democrats to pound sand over their request to reinterview former White House Counsel Don McGahn.

President Trump told Fox News in an exclusive wide-ranging interview Thursday evening that the White House has lost patience with congressional Democrats, and forcefully dismissed their efforts to subpoena former White House counsel Don McGahn and other administration officials to testify.

“They’ve testified for many hours, all of them. I would say, it’s done,” Trump told Fox News’ Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge. “Nobody has ever done what I’ve done. I’ve given total transparency. It’s never happened before like this. They shouldn’t be looking anymore. It’s done.”

In the case of McGahn, Trump clearly has the right to claim executive privilege over their interactions given that essentially everything the Democrats are interested in is covered under that umbrella. Some partisans suggest that because Trump allowed McGahn to testify to Mueller that he’s waived that right. That doesn’t add up. Executive privilege is specifically meant to protect testimony before Congress and Trump still has the right to do that.


Regardless, there’s no doubt that Jerry Nadler will go to court to try to show otherwise. In the end, none of this will matter because the 2020 election will take place before it’s all adjudicated.

I actually think this nonsense helps Donald Trump. The longer Democrats play games while not actually impeaching, the more petty and partisan they look. He should continue to focus on the economy and stonewall their investigations with every legal mechanism at his disposal. The clowns in the Democratic House do not deserve any voluntarily cooperation at this point.


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