Democrat Rep Loses His Mind, Eats Fried Chicken and Plays With Toys to Protest Bill Barr

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This seems mature.

Democrat House members are really upset that Bill Barr didn’t agree to play their games and told them to pound sand over his testimony.


This led Rep. Steve Cohen to lose his ever loving mind.

Yeah, that’ll show Barr.

Cohen is that guy we all knew in high school who thought he was funny and couldn’t keep straight face when he’d tell a joke. You can see him laughing it up with Nadler and trying to hold a smile back as he chomps down on fried chicken at 9am in the morning.

I mean, who’s really the butt of the joke here though? Barr or Cohen’s digestive system?

Not content with the amount of media coverage, Cohen then went out and played with a chicken statue in front of the press.

Serious question. Why would Bill Barr give these clowns the time of day? They clearly aren’t serious and are certainly simply out for partisan gain. What’s the point of cooperating with people like this?


In reality, Barr is probably doing them a service by not coming today given how badly he savaged Democrats during his Senate testimony yesterday.

Barr was prepared to come and testify though, despite their idiocy, but Nadler wanted to play hardball by trying to make Barr agree to be questioned by random staffers. The constitutional oversight role is for Congress, not staffers. Nadler, Cohen, and whoever else are welcome to do some actual work and question Barr themselves if they really want to speak to him.

They don’t though. This is all theater and Nadler doesn’t have near the amount of power that he likes to pretend he has. Bill Barr is doing the right thing by not playing along with this nonsense.

I’ll point out that while the media think this is brilliant and are spreading around a #chickenbarr hashtag, they got really offended when Sen. Mike Lee used props to make fun of AOC’s Green New Deal. So are jokes in Congressional settings ok or not?


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