New Emails Conclusively Show Fusion GPS Head Glenn Simpson Lied to Congress

Credit to Sean Davis over at The Federalist for pointing this out yesterday evening.

Judicial Watch has obtained new emails which conclusively show that Fusion GPS head Glenn Simpson did in fact lie to Congress.


The full docket of emails is here. They include a large batch between foreign spy Christopher Steele and DOJ Official Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie is also implicated in this as lying to Congress but I’ll save the details of that for another post.

What you see is tons and tons of sent dates redacted for no logical reason whatsoever. How could a sent date reveal a source or method? The fact that the FBI went through and claimed those redactions is yet another example of the extreme abuse of classified designations by our law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The reason they are redacting said dates is obvious though. They didn’t want to reveal the timeline in question.

But, one email did make it through with an intact sent date and time. That’s where Glenn Simpson is shown to be in big trouble (assuming the DOJ acts on it as Barr has said he will).

In Sean’s tweet above you see two pages of testimony where Simpson says, under oath, that he did not have contact with Ohr or the FBI prior to the election. Then we see an email from Simpson to Ohr dated August 22nd, 2016. The body is redacted of course, but it shows that they were indeed in contact before the election. The only reason Simpson would be connected with Ohr at that point would be to pass along Fusion GPS propaganda. No prior relationship existed.


Bill Barr needs to start dropping the hammer. Congress has sent him multiple criminal referrals and I believe Simpson is already subject to one. Fusion GPS needs to be taken down hard. They’ve helped propagate one of the most damaging hoaxes in U.S. government history and have done so with willful deceit. We know they conspired with foreign actors, including Russians, to produce the bogus Steele dossier. It’s time for Simpson to stop cashing paychecks and to start paying some legal bills.


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