Beto Looks Done As He Draws Hilariously Small Crowd at UNLV

Has Beto experienced failure to launch? It sure looks that way.

He had a rally setup for Friday on the campus of UNLV. The advertisements featured him stomping on cars like a revival preacher.


Whoever owns that SUV isn’t going to be happy about the big dents he put in the roof.

You’d think this was going to be a real rocking time given the lead up. College campus, young people, liberal area, etc. It’s the perfect situation for a candidate like Beto. Reality wasn’t kind to him though.

Here’s the thing with the “well, it was Friday” excuse. Donald Trump, even Bernie Sanders, can go have a rally anywhere, at anytime, and thousands will show up. The idea that if only Beto had been there on Thursday, then he’d have had a captive enough audience to garner more than 35 people is a weak excuse.

Beto’s ego so out sized reality that this was the venue change when they realized there were probably more media members than students at the rally.


It looks like they expected at least 200-400 people. There are other pictures showing a large stage as well overlooking that large area shown on the left. Instead, he drew about the same number of people your local blues bar gets for a Tuesday night jam.

I said it weeks ago. This guy is done. Without the media constantly fawning over him like 2018 and vilifying his opponent, he’s revealed as an empty vessel. You don’t run for President because you’ve got nothing better to do or because you want to discover yourself. It’s not an adolescent trip to summer camp. Perhaps worse for Beto, Pete Buttigieg has pretty much taken his support base by being more inter-sectional.

Today’s reality is far cry from his announcement a month ago where all the Obama Bros rushed to get behind him. That’s a pretty clear indicator of their continued bad judgement, stretching back to the previous administration. At least Beto will always have skateboarding and dressing like a furry to fall back on though.


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