CNN's Brian Stelter Uses a Typo About the Sri Lanka Terrorist Attack to Go After Trump

After 207 people die, with another 450 injured, maybe it’d be best to take a day off from stuff like this.

Brian Stelter decided not to though and figured it was a good idea to question Donald Trump’s mental health over a Twitter typo condemning the attack.


Dude, the bodies aren’t even cold yet. This is just gross.

Donald Trump has a lot of flaws. He often deserves the flack he gets, but this isn’t one of those times. He made a mistake in a tweet and corrected it. He clearly meant 138, which was the current death toll at the time.

When over 200 people have been killed in a major terrorist attack, try waiting 24 hours before picking back up your silly vendetta.

Stelter got called out and then got really defensive.

What Brian doesn’t get is that him attacking Trump on this point in the first place is minimizing the tragedy. It’s petty, partisan nonsense. You’ve got another year and a half to run more baseless stories about Trump’s cognitive abilities. Give it a rest for a few days after something like this happens.


This is getting really tiring. Democrats, including Brian Stelter and most at CNN, seemingly have no ability to not politicize tragic events. Because this was likely an Islamist attack, they can’t blame Trump like they tried to do with the New Zealand attack. So instead, they snipe around the edges at a typo. It’s disrespectful and shows where their concern really is – Not with the victims.


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