Adam Schiff Throws the Goalposts Into the Ocean Over Mueller Report

Adam Schiff apparently has no intention of letting his wild conspiracy theories die. He’s famously claimed evidence of collusion about a half a dozen times to this point. Of course, he never shares it, only asserting we need more never-ending investigations. This is also a man who has tried to obstruct Congressional investigations and lied about Bruce Ohr’s interactions with Christopher Steele.


All along the way, Schiff has been there to peddle all this nonsense to whatever cable news show will have him at that moment. Because of the partisan makeup of the media, he’s never pressed on his claims, nor is he ever given the caveat of “without evidence” we see applied to Trump anytime he breathes funny.

With the release of the Mueller report mostly being a dud and the President not being hauled off in handcuffs, that means Schiff has to move the goalposts again.

This time he’s picked them up, and with all the force he can muster within someone of his meager neck size, has chucked them clear into the ocean.

Well, if anyone knows about unethical, immoral, dishonest behavior, it’s Adam Schiff. That’s pretty much been his calling card since he became relevant on the national scene after Trump’s election. Before that, no one knew who he was.


Notice how far the lines have moved. Just a few months ago, there were supposedly imminent indictments coming. The President was going to be taken down by everything from Russian collusion, to obstruction, to campaign finance charges. Now that such hasn’t materialized, Schiff wants to assert that it was never about actual criminal behavior, only unethical behavior. Does anyone really believe his shift in perception is anything but blatantly political?

Here’s what Schiff needs to understand: It’s not Congress’ job to remove a President over subjective ideas of morality. Such a move would be completely unprecedented and essentially be a coup. If there’s no high crime or misdemeanor to impeach over, there’s nothing left to investigate here. Moral questions are for the voters to decide, not a self-righteous snake like Schiff.

The White House should tell Schiff and his committee to go pound sand. I don’t care if it’s a memo about a trip to the bathroom, claim executive privilege over it. Do not let administration officials testify and fight any subpoenas that are sent. If it means being held in contempt of Congress, who cares? These people do not deserve cooperation. They’ve spread lies, misinformation, and kooky conspiracy theories for years. They don’t get to reset the deck now and move on to moral equations.


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