"Palestinian Activist" Shares Video of Israeli Sniper Shooting a Palestinian, but There's a Problem

A Palestinian protester hurls stones toward Israeli soldiers during a protest near the Gaza Strip border with Israel, in eastern Gaza City, Saturday, March 31, 2018. (AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra)

I ran across this video on Twitter and felt it was too good not to share. I have a feeling you’ll pick up what’s really happening here fairly quickly.


In the video we see a peaceful Palestinian protester holding a flag, minding his own business, and doing nothing threatening. Then out of nowhere, for seemingly no reason at all, a shot comes flying in and hits him in his upper thigh, supposedly from an Israeli sniper.

(UPDATE: Tweet from the “activist” with the video was deleted BUT I found another source!)


The man dances around, spins and dives to the ground off camera. The fact that he leaves the frame is very convenient obviously. Then the video cuts to a scrum of Palestinians trying to care for him. We finally see him being carried away on a stretcher with a small amount of cloth wrapped around his leg as he triumphantly still holds his flag. This guy is so chill that he’s actually got his leg crossed and is putting pressure on the shot leg in the final scene. I guess he feels no pain?

There are some problems with the video obviously.

There’s no blood. There’s no entry wound. The shot supposedly goes into his thigh and, of course, he’s got black pants on. Israeli snipers also don’t aim for the thigh and they certainly don’t miss by that wide of a margin. They don’t use low velocity weapons where a guy is going to hop around like a bee just stung him after being hit. If he had really been shot by a high powered rifle in the thigh like that, he would have collapsed immediately. But that wouldn’t have been as exciting for the cameras.


Clearly, as about 99% of people have figured out by now, the video is fake. It’s some of the worst acting I’ve ever witnessed. Just more mindless propaganda from the terrorist leadership the Palestinian’s elected over a decade ago.

Here’s another video from last year of a similar hoax, except in this one, someone does actually get shot.

This one was a little more well done. If you slow the video down, the boy is shot from behind, not from the Israeli border. There’s also a smokescreen blocking the Israelis’ view anyway. The sound of the shot indicates it was done at very close range, not from the distant border. Despite these obvious tells to anyone willing to think critically, that video is full of responses decrying the Israelis for supposedly shooting a 16-year-old boy. The Palestinian hatred for Israel is so strong that they shoot their children to spread propaganda. It’s hard to comprehend such disgusting behavior.

This is the kind of crap the Israelis have to put up with on a daily basis and far too many people believe this nonsense. The amount of misinformation which flows in support of the “Palestinian cause” is astonishing. Many times it’s repeated in mainstream media circles to further the idea that the Israelis are the oppressors with no questioning. In reality, Israel is doing everything they can to handle the situation in a humane way, even offering medical care to Palestinians until the Palestinian Authority decided they’d rather pay the families of dead terrorists instead.


I don’t envy the situation the Israelis are in. It must be absolutely infuriating to watch garbage like this be spread around the world, only to stir up more hatred for the Jewish people. The remedy to this would be for the media to finally start being honest about the situation. They won’t though. When’s the last time you saw a piece sympathetic to Israel on CNN or MSNBC? They refuse to share the truth because it conflicts with their political narrative. So we’ll keep playing this game for a long time yet.

It’s patently evil.


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