MSNBC: Hey, Isn't Trump Firing People Basically Workplace Violence?

What better way to start the day than with some absurdity? And what better place to find it than MSNBC?

Yesterday on Fox News’ The Five, Greg Gutfield shared a clip of the kind of ridiculous hysteria that passes for reasonable discourse during the Trump era. In it, we see a “National Security Analyst” named Frank Figluizzi on Nicole Wallace’s show opining about some of the recent firings in the Trump administration.


Not content with just bashing Trump the old fashioned way, i.e. calling him mentally ill, this guy hands his beer to the camera man and proceeds to say this.

(actual clip of MSNBC show starts at 10 seconds in…Gutfield’s full reaction follows)

Fox News’ website provides us with some excerpts.

Commenting on President Trump firing officials at the Homeland Security Department, a guest on MSNBC said: “What we talked about was a possible analogy between what we’re seeing in the president and studies of violence and acting out, particularly workplace violence…. The question we have to ask ourselves, from a behavioral sense, is are we watching a president essentially on his way to what we call a flash point, and are we beginning to see him act out in the form of purging and mass firing and completely not listening to any logic?

“Are we essentially watching a workplace violence incident play out at the highest level of our government, and is he acting out now, and where does this go if I’m right about that?”

What in the actual…


This is delusion on an entirely new level. How is firing someone analogous to workplace violence? I like how Figluizzi says “what we call a flashpoint” just to up his “I’m an expert” cred a bit higher. If you sound like you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, then Nicole Wallace will intensively listen and nod along. I can’t imagine why MSNBC’s ratings have cratered after the collusion hoax blew up in their faces. I mean, with such serious analysis as this, they should be dominating.

In all seriousness, and this doesn’t deserve much, what’s going on in that clip is another example of the media’s desire to constantly push a narrative of imminent doom. Everything Trump does is the end of the world. There’s never a time for balance or restraint in their minds. So the President fires someone and instead of getting simple disagreement, you get insane theories about Trump going postal on his subordinates and physically harming people. All you can do is laugh at this point.

It’s very ironic because MSNBC are the ones who come out looking unhinged and off their rockers with “analysis” like this. They are probably helping the President in the end with their constant crazed, partisan theories and arguments.


There is a moral to this story though. The next time you see someone given the title of “National Security Analyst” on a cable news network, just assume they are an absolute moron.


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