ACLU Gives "Travel Advisory" for Immigrants and POC Traveling to Florida, Warns of Grave Dangers

The ACLU proved long ago that it’s not an organization to be taken seriously. As recently as the past few years, they changed their policies so as not to defend free speech they don’t agree with anymore. The irony was thick, considering their entire purpose is supposedly to protect civil liberties.


Their stupidity continues with this latest stunt. That is, issuing a “Travel Advisory” to “Immigrants and People of Color” to excursive extreme caution while traveling to the war torn area that is (checks notes)…Florida?

This of course led to some ridiculous, but sometimes hilarious responses from liberals who are literally setting their hair on fire over the supposed grave dangers Florida presents.

Because clearly Florida has an issue with street bullying of immigrants and people of color…or something. I didn’t say these responses had to make sense.

So what’s this actually all about?


The grave danger posed by this bill that the ACLU is freaking out about? Simply ensuring that local authorities cooperate with immigration authorities. How that’s controversial is beyond rational thinking adults, but to the far left, it’s apparently inhumane for ICE to be able to do its job. The idea that any local city can just ignore Federal law never made any sense and it’s probably time for the Supreme Court to get involved to finally settle this.

And what exactly do “people of color” or legal immigrants have to do with this? Absolutely nothing of course but the conflation is convenient, so the ACLU went with it. The truth is, immigrants and people of color should be fearing the mosquitos and alligators far more than whatever fake controversy liberal groups are currently trying to stir up.


Reading some of the responses to their tweet, it’s hard to not to come away thinking that half the country have gone absolutely insane. I have to keep reminding myself that Twitter is not representative of the real world because it if it was, we might as well pack up this experiment now and file for a national divorce.


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