Stacey Abrams Makes Absolutely Vile Comments on Abortion, Says Stopping It Is “Bad for Business"

The self-proclaimed Governor-elect of Georgia is continuing to make the media rounds. I suspect she’s gearing up to get into the 2020 race. At worst, she’s looking for a VP spot. This is a woman who’s held no office outside of state representative and has no private sector accomplishments so I’m sure she’ll be leading the pack by June.


She went on “AM Joy,” a show so low-rated on MSNBC that you’d be forgiven for not knowing of it’s existence. There she made some pretty despicable comments on the topic of abortion.

In the clip, Abrams is asked a question about Georgia’s new fetal heartbeat bill, which has some in Hollywood threatening to boycott the state as a result. She then proceeded to spew some of the most illogical, morally deficient comments on abortion I’ve ever heard. Here’s an excerpt.

You should not have to worry about your ability to control your bodily economy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive. It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.

This kind of language is insane on several fronts.

How is a law protecting unborn life abominable and evil? She knows what those words mean right? Maybe I’m being too presumptuous though. To then assert it’s actually immoral and inhumane to not allow the killing of children after a heartbeat is detected is simply Orwellian. Up is down, right is left. Two plus two equals five. None of what she’s saying makes sense. It’s objectively immoral to end a human life and that’s what she’s advocating for.


Worse, she goes on to claim that laws protecting the unborn are “bad for business” in the state of Georgia. That’s really the calculation she wants to make? What kind of despicable person bases the worth of human life on whether Hollywood big-wigs 3,000 miles away will continue to give you money?

It’s especially sad to see a take like this coming from an African-American woman, who no doubt knows the history of dehumanization her forefathers dealt with. Yet, she’s doing the same thing here to children in the womb, who are undeniably, scientifically human beings. To then do it based on it being a bad business decision is simply beyond the pale. Imagine someone arguing for slavery because it’d be bad business to abolish it. That person would rightly be excoriated.

I try not to assign bad motives to politicians I disagree with unless they give me a reason. In Abrams’ case, she’s making it very difficult to assume anything but a massive moral failure on her part. Her comments are vile, disgusting, and inhumane.

The Democratic party has completely lost it’s mind in regards to abortion. They are moving further and further left, firmly out of the mainstream of the American public. I sincerely hope that there’s a backlash among the electorate that stops their march. What we are doing as a nation in regards to abortion is simply immoral and I believe future generations will look harshly on how callous some have been on the issue.


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