Palestinians Deny Medical Care to Sick Citizens, Give Money to Terrorists Instead

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas speaks in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, May 3, 2017, where he and President Donald Trump spoke. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The Palestinian Authority has decided it will not pay for its citizens to go to Israel to receive decent medical care because they’ve instead chosen to keep spending money on dead and future dead terrorists. This happened last week and got passed over because our news media never reports on the incredibly terrible things happening within the Palestinian leadership led government.


Here are the details.

(April 1, 2019 / Palestinian Media Watch) Until now, Israel has been giving medical treatment in Israel to thousands of Palestinians every year. But this humanitarian program will now come to an end, as the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop sending its citizens in need of medical treatment to Israel.

The P.A.’s explanation is as follows: Since Israel is refusing to transfer approximately $138 million to the P.A. this year to spends on salaries to terrorists, the P.A. will no longer permit Palestinians to travel for medical treatment in Israel, for which the P.A. has to pay.

In other words, the P.A. is holding its citizens hostage because Israel decided to stop funding their terrorist payrolls. Does that sound like the action of a government that should be taken seriously?

This is the fulfillment of a pledge made by P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas last year.

“We will not cut or prevent stipends to the families of the prisoners and martyrs, as some are trying to do,” Abbas was quoted as saying during the meeting, which was also attended by senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub, who himself is a former security prisoner.

“If we are left with one penny, we will spend it on the families of the prisoners and martyrs.”


The Israelis cut tax funds to the Palestinians after they refused to stop paying terrorists and terrorists families as part of the so called “pay to slay” program.

P.A. Ministry of Health Spokesman Osama Al-Najjar explained the cessation of medical referrals to the Israeli hospitals, starting from March 26, 2019, as follows:

“This decision was made in response to the deduction of sums [Israel transfers] from the taxes that [Israel] collects each month for the Palestinian coffers. He added that the cost of the referrals to the Israeli hospitals is $100 million a year.”
[Official P.A. daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 27, 2019]

It should be noted that the P.A. could see that money fully restored if they simply stopping paying people to attack Israel. I’ll also note just how much Israel does to try to help the Palestinians. Even as rockets are raining down on them, they collect taxes for the P.A. to try to keep some semblance of civilization present for the Palestinian people.

What does Israel get in return? Biased media coverage, ridiculous UN condemnations, and millions of people slandering them daily. It’s a disgusting situation.


The Palestinian Authority is not worth negotiating with. They’d rather see their people die than stop funding terrorism against Israel because their entire basis of existence is to destroy the Jewish state. It’s a sad situation and one that will never be remedied as long as so many internationally give the Palestinian leadership cover by blaming Israel for everything.


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