BREAKING: Judge Upholds Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel's Firing, Dismisses His Lawsuit

This is just coming over the wire.

The failed Democratic Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel, has had his wrongful termination lawsuit thrown out by a judge. Israel was of course at the center of the lead up and response to the deadly Parkland, FL  school shooting in Feb. of 2018.


WFLA Channel 8 has the details.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) – A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Florida sheriff who Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended and accused of failing to prevent the Parkland school shooting.

A Broward County circuit judge dismissed the suit Thursday, ruling DeSantis’ executive order removing Scott Israel from his position as Broward County sheriff was consistent with the Florida Constitution.

Israel’s behavior before and after the tragedy was egregious. He took no responsibility, despite the fact that his department had multiple chances to detain the shooter prior to the shooting. His deputies were also on the scene and did nothing despite hearing gunshots inside the school. Later, he would go on CNN, where Jake Tapper would sit idly by and allow him to brutally slander others so as to deflect from his failures.

Having his lawsuit thrown out is at least a temporary step toward justice. Israel is expected to appeal to decision.


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